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Suzhou novartis dry gold electronic material co., LTD. Is a company specializing in the production of high purity materials and their products of high-tech companies, is China's leading high-end provide high purity materials manufacturer. Rely on many years of accumulated industry insights in the field of new materials, innovation and business network, the company not only can provide customers with high quality customized products, can also with the downstream manufacturers to new product research and development, design and selection of materials, so as to provide a full range of comprehensive service solutions.

In order to improve people's lives as the vision, we use new materials professional experience and efficient enterprises operating experience, manifested as an environmentally friendly high-tech enterprise social responsibility, to help our customers improve the competitiveness of products, production technology, provide the platform of sustainable development, to ensure the company's technology and innovation, the development speed and shareholders. To cope with the increasingly serious challenge of climate change, the sea's material by a leading green solution, help customers to reduce energy consumption and co2 emissions, to create the best social, economic and environmental benefits.

Looking forward to the future, infinite prospect. In the process of global economic integration, cooperation is still the mainstream. We will uphold the principle of equality and mutual benefit, win-win sharing, with friends at home and abroad to join hands in creating a better future!

Sincerely thank the care, support and help of suzhou's dry gold electronic material co., LTD., the development of the people!

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