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New materials will appear in a number of original emerging industry survey
The authors:admin Upload Update:2013-3-30

Recently, the Great Wall strategic consulting released the new material original subdivision industry report. The report believes that to achieve by the Chinese manufacturing to China to create the transformation and upgrading, China's new materials must take the road of original innovation, new materials will also appear in the field of a number of original emerging industries. Vigorously develop the original emerging industries is not only to speed up to seize the new material of the commanding heights of industry strategy, shaping the strategic choice of regional character, or to lead the strategic readjustment of the industrial structure and the mode of development, structural change in an important way, it is won after crisis era of development opportunities, to create a strong starting point for the global innovation "rush".

Report on the "Chinese manufacturing" driven by the development of new materials industry and the inherent power of the new material growth, the growth of hot spots, listing Corporation, industrial base, etc.. The report believes that the driving force of the new material industry in China is mainly reflected in the outstanding application oriented, to promote industrial integration, accelerate innovation response, focus on sustainable development and so on. Over the past ten years, China has emerged from a number of very small scale explosive growth to tens of billions of scale segments, such as polysilicon, neodymium iron boron permanent magnetic materials, MDI and so on. Accompanied by the rise of a number of new material characteristics of the country's industrial base, high growth companies continue to emerge. According to preliminary statistics, until the end of 2012, China has gradually 27 provinces and cities in the country established 138 new material industry base, China's capital market, new materials industries in the field of listed companies reached 159, A-share market value of more than 80 billion yuan.

Report from the "made in China" to "China to create", the new material industry driven mainly from the development of emerging industries, cutting-edge technology breakthroughs, key industries and major engineering support, such as the three power sources. New material development to take the road of original innovation, the need for technology, the city to taste the policy of cooperation and linkage. Through clear industry strategy to solve problems of industrial development, the top-level design; by stronger industry chain, to achieve new materials and application of the downstream industry high-end integration and development; more to reshaping the business model, grasp the market leader, technical response degree, resource control and other key elements. Many new material industry base in the country to enhance the characteristics of the advantages of industry based on the field, will nurture the development of the original emerging industries as the focus of future development. Zibo City, non-toxic denitration catalyst has made progress, has the domestic and the world's first large-scale production enterprises; Ningbo City focus on high performance fiber and composite materials, advanced superconducting materials, breakthrough in the development of original emerging industries.

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