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New material industry
The authors:admin Upload Update:2013-3-30

New material industry key development direction and main task

Vigorously develop new functional materials, advanced structural materials and composite materials, nano, superconductor, intelligent common foundation material research and industrialization development, improve the protection ability of new materials technology and equipment; build research combining closely, have a strong capability of independent innovation and sustainable development ability of high performance, lightweight, green new materials industrial innovation system and standard system, national new materials focus on product development guidance catalogue issued, the establishment of new material industry is determined and the statistical system, guidance materials for industrial structure adjustment. By 2015, a number of national construction breakthroughs in urgent need to lead the future development of key common technology; by 2020, the key to the new material self-sufficiency rate increased significantly.

1 new type of functional material industry. Vigorously develop the rare earth permanent magnetism, luminescence, catalysis, hydrogen storage, high performance rare earth functional materials and rare earth resources high efficiency comprehensive utilization technology. Positive development of high purity rare metals and target, atomic level zirconium, high-end tungsten and molybdenum materials and products, to accelerate the industrialization of high purity silicon materials, new semiconductor materials, magnetic sensitive material, high performance membrane materials. Efforts to expand the butyl rubber, nitrile rubber, different isoprene rubber, fluorine silicone rubber, ethylene propylene rubber, special rubber and high-end thermal plastic elastomer production scale, to accelerate the development of high-end varieties and special additives. Vigorously develop low radiation coated glass, photovoltaic ultra white glass, flat panel display glass, new ceramic functional materials, piezoelectric materials, such as inorganic non-metallic functional materials. Active development of high purity graphite, artificial crystal, super hard materials and products.

2 advanced structural materials industry. With light weight, high strength, large size as the focus, vigorously develop the high-strength light alloy, and actively develop high performance aluminum alloy, accelerate the magnesium alloy preparation and deep processing, development of high performance titanium alloy, titanium plate, strip and welded pipe. Focus on the protection of high-end equipment manufacturing and major projects, to accelerate the development of high quality special steel and high temperature alloy materials. Strengthen engineering plastics modification and processing application technology development, and vigorously develop polycarbonate, polyamide, poly formaldehyde and special epoxy resin, etc..

3 high performance composites industry. To resin based composites and carbon carbon composite materials as the focus, actively develop new large specifications, materials with special structure integration preparation process, to promote self-reliance and composite materials with high performance low cost, a variety of high-end industrialization and application technology and equipment. To accelerate the development of high performance fiber and improve the scale level of preparation, the focus on polyacrylonitrile based carbon fiber and its supporting raw silk carry out technological upgrading, efforts to achieve kiloton equipment, stable operation, and actively carry out high-strength, high modulus carbon fiber and aramid development and industrialization. To improve the performance of special additives and resins, and to develop high specific modulus, high stability and thermoplastic composites. Actively develop new types of ceramic matrix and metal matrix composites. Accelerate the application of high performance composite materials in aerospace, wind power equipment, automobile manufacturing, rail transportation and other fields.

New material industry outlook

Ministry of industry and information technology in February 22nd released the new material industry, 12th Five-Year development plan, to 2015 China's new materials industry output value will reach 2 trillion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of more than 25%.

"Planning", the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, the focus on new materials R & D investment accounted for sales income is more important than 5%; to build 10 innovation capability is strong, have the core competitiveness, new materials sales revenue of over 150 billion yuan of leading enterprises, cultivate 20 new materials sales income more than 50 billion yuan of the professional backbone enterprises, built some prominent main business, a complete set of industries, annual output value of more than 300 billion yuan of new material industry base and industrial cluster; comprehensive support capability of new materials products increased to 70%, the key new material support capability reached 50%; promotion of 30 key new varieties of materials, the implementation of several demonstration application project.

2010, the size of China's new materials industry more than 650 billion yuan, compared with 2005, an average annual growth of about 20%.

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