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The innovation of new materials.
The authors:admin Upload Update:2013-3-30

As China's strategic emerging industries, the new material industry started late, but in recent years has been a lot of development. According to the Ministry of industry, deputy director of the Ministry of raw materials industry Gao Yunhu introduced, 2010 new materials industry output value of 650 billion yuan, in 2011 has exceeded 800 billion yuan. 2012 initial estimates, the growth rate will be more than 25%, the output value exceeded one trillion yuan."

So in the country launched the "new materials industry" in 12th Five-Year "development planning" in the background, in 2013 the new material industry prospects?

Policy support efforts to increase

In the Ministry of industry, deputy director of the Department of raw materials Gao Yunhu, in 2013 China's new material industry development potential is huge. On the one hand, the rapid development of strategic emerging industries will lead to market demand for new materials industry. On the other hand, the structural adjustment of China's traditional industries, the urgent need for new materials to be used as a new growth point.

Policy, in 2013 the national and local policies and measures for strategic emerging industries will be gradually improved, Beijing, Heilongjiang, Zhejiang and other 19 provinces have introduced a special local new materials industry special planning policies.

"At present, the central government has set up special funds for the development of strategic emerging industries. 863, 973 and other special science and technology will also increase the focus on the development of new materials input. National focus on new materials industry base, public service platform and other construction investment will also increase. 2013, the state will gradually carry out the certification of new materials enterprises, promote the establishment of new materials industry alliance, improve the new material industry technology standards system, guide and standardize the development of new materials industry in an orderly." Gao Yunhu introduction.

High cloud tiger think, 2013 new material industry development focus will be mainly reflected in three aspects, "one is the key material to guarantee the rail transportation, energy, aerospace and other major construction projects, such as high quality special steel, high-strength light alloy and its composites. Two is in line with the needs of energy saving, environmental protection and livelihood of the people. Such as rare earth luminescent materials, water treatment membrane, energy storage materials, etc.. Three is to be able to occupy the international forefront of the field of material development and application. Such as new nano materials, bio functional materials, etc.." New material industry is one of the seven strategic emerging industries, will be the 12th Five-Year and the future development of the industry for a long period of time. Gao Yunhu analysis road.

Urgent need to establish a statistical monitoring channels

"Policy is certainly good, after all, the new material is the material basis of high technology, but the whole situation is not very good." Liang Zhenfeng, director of the Guangdong Institute of materials research believes that the development of new materials industry will be a long-term process, the short term is not very ideal.

Liang Zhenfeng said that the traditional materials involved in the ten major industries, new materials are developed on the traditional materials, but the new materials and can not be considered an industry, which should be referred to as industry categories. New materials as a concept industry involved in the concrete material is very complicated.

"What is the new material? There are two explanations. One is that there is no past and now is in the development of the material; the second is that the traditional materials through the improvement of new properties." Liang Zhenfeng said that the general material enterprises, these two kinds of materials have, but can not be statistically. "Because the definition is not clear, some materials 5 years ago is a new material, and now it is old."

"Materials industry contribution to the national economy and 22.8% and data show that the new material in the material industry accounted for 8%, but the data in doubt." Liang Zhenfeng analysis, the state announced the national new material output value is 650 billion yuan, while the Guangdong Province, the data is 400 billion yuan, Jiangsu Province, there are 700 billion yuan. All of these data are reported in the following, but not a unified statistical standards. Existing data exaggerated phenomenon. China is currently in urgent need of a new material industry data statistics channels." Participated in the material industry in Guangdong Province, 12th Five-Year planning Liang Zhenfeng told reporters, Guangdong province has been promoting the establishment of statistical data channels.

Gao Yunhu also said that the domestic new material industry in the enterprise certification, statistical monitoring and other aspects of the work started late, the industry management work has yet to be further improved. In the management system is not sound at the same time, around the development of new materials industry enthusiasm, which inevitably brings some blind and repetitive construction problems. And this will also become a new material in 2013 as an unstable factor in the development of the industry.

Technological innovation will be the trend of the times

"Developed countries to accelerate the pace of industrialization, the international new materials technology with each passing day. Such as the United States proposed material genome project, will be expected to significantly shorten the new materials R & D and application cycle, so that the pace of product replacement to accelerate. If I can not catch up, so the gap between the developed countries and may expand." Gao Yunhu believes that technological innovation will be a great challenge for the development of new materials industry in china. And this has become the industry consensus.

"But on the current stage, we have not yet mastered the core technology, originality is not much. General performance of the new materials can be produced, but the quality is not stable, high performance and new materials are mainly imported." Liang Zhenfeng expressed concern about the industry.

"Our country new material independent development ability is weak, the large-scale material enterprise innovation power is not strong, the key new material support ability is insufficient. In addition, the industry, the industry chain is short, new materials to promote the application of new materials." Shenzhen new materials industry association secretary general Li Yin analysis, new materials R & D investment is high, long cycle, large industrial risk, single on the material

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