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The independent development of the material in the dream of a powerful country
The authors:admin Upload Update:2016-5-5

"To become a powerful country, the material does not go, it is impossible to become a powerful nation!" In recently sponsored by the China Science and Technology Museum "scientific forum", the state supreme science and technology award obtained, both houses of the senior academician Shi Changxu issued a "dream of a powerful, materials indispensable" cry.

Shi Changxu said that the automotive materials as the dividing point, the material can be divided into two types of traditional materials and advanced materials. The former such as steel, cement, plastic and so on, they are in the market to win the latter in order to win the technology to win, with high added value, is the basis for the future of high-end manufacturing. The relationship between advanced materials and aerospace is particularly close. The properties of light weight and strength of the materials all determine the performance of the aircraft. And the material of our country aviation space plane still relies on a large number of imports, these "card neck" problem needs to be solved urgently.

However, the moment of China's attention to the material has not been implemented". Shi Changxu said that at present, China's new material self-sufficiency rate of only 10 percent, still need to rely heavily on imports. "The development of high-end manufacturing materials must go ahead of the first, so far, the development of our materials can not be comparable with the international level."

He also said that the development of materials is not only issued a few papers can be resolved. At present, the number of papers published in China has exceeded the United States, ranked first in the world, but the relevant research results just stay in the article, not into the application area.

The "father of China's high temperature alloy" appeal, to change this situation is imminent. He said, China's materials should be less imported, more independent creation."

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